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Rajiv Münch, better known as Munchi is a Dutch Producer and DJ of Dominican descent, born and raised in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He is credited to have made "the first truly original work" for Moombahton, taking "the sound to the next level" and being the originator of Moombahcore. Even though Munchi is credited mainly for Moombahton, it was his versatility that brought him into public attention. Notably producing a wide selection of genres and incorporating these elements in his music. 

Munchi started making music in 2004 when his brother bought him Acid Pro. He met future collaborator David Heartbreak via Myspace in 2009. After Munchi mentioned Dave Nada's Moombahton EP, Heartbreak invited him to Charlotte to learn more about the genre. While touring the U.S. in March 2011, Munchi had a seizure caused by an intracerebral hemorrhage. After learning what happened: DJ Ayres, Tittsworth and Dave Nada organised a fundraiser "to pay for surgery, medication and flight home for the non-American insured producer". He spent 9 hours in coma and 11 days in the hospital, but when noticing the overwhelming support it inspired him to recover faster during 2011.


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