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Widely recognized as one of the pioneers of drum ‘n bass in the US, Edwin Garro—known to his fans as UFO!—has established himself over the years as a relentless innovator and influencer in electronic dance music. From Shanghai to the UK, UFO! has been producing and performing across continents for nearly two decades, making an impact each time with his music. Celebrated for his quirky, out-of-the-box personality, which undeniably translates into his music, UFO! is recognized as one of the most groundbreaking and influential artists in today’s EDM scene. Needless to say, the only thing predictable about UFO! is his unpredictability. Having produced music ranging from jungle to singer songwriter to moombahton to trap, the artist seems never to be satisfied with sticking to just one genre of music. And why should he be? Born into a family of musical people, from an early age Edwin Garro developed a natural curiosity and fascination with varying sounds, styles and tempos.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, UFO! is ambitiously pushing the boundaries of his own musical abilities and is producing with more fire under his belt than ever before. Fueling this fire are longtime friends and fellow producers, including those with whom he has collaborations with such as Bro Safari (Evol Intent), Kuru (Muse/Media Contender) and Mayhem, to name a few. Discontent with the frequent creative limitations of releasing music with other labels, UFO! sought to create new platform for distributing his own music earlier this year and launched his own music label, China Black Recordings. The label’s debut release “Dele Que Suene” featured tracks with LA’s own Kuru and Flinch and became an instant favorite among fans. This summer UFO! will release his next solo album, which features collaborations with Kuru, Kial (SubPressure Recordings) and a special remix track from SPL (Smog/HollowPoint).


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